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In Vologda, mother of two minor boys with grave injuries arrested; investigators launch probe into negligence of prevention system

Upon instruction of the Head of Vologda Regional Investigations Directorate the probe into infliction of grave injuries to two minor children was referred to investigators of the Second Department on Major Crimes Investigation. An investigative team was organized to investigate and solve this crime. The day before, on November 8, 2018, investigators have arrested a mother of the children.

We should remind that the probe was launched into an offence under Article 111 Part 2, Paragraph B of the Criminal Code of Russia (Intentional infliction of a grave injury committed against a minor). A 23-year-old Vologda citizen cohabitating with the mother of the children was arrested during preliminary investigative activities.

The man lived together with the 25-year-old Vologda citizen and her sons of two and seven years old. The oldest boy showed an injury of a thigh bone that required his hospitalization. When he was transferred to in-patient care ward the doctors also examined a 7-month-old boy the mother brought with her to the hospital. The examination revealed a traumatic brain injury and rib fractures, the boy was also hospitalized.

On November 8, 2018 investigators of the Department on Major Crimes Investigation of Investigative Committee for Vologda region arrested the 25-year-old mother as part of investigation.

Moreover, they have launched a probe into her failure to discharge the duties of bringing up a minor associated with the cruel treatment of the minor (Article 156 of the Criminal Code of Russia).

According to the investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia, the woman knew about injuries of her 7-month-old son but she didn't immediately report about them to law enforcement authorities, moreover, she didn't even timely seek medical assistance for the minor child. The boy was examined and hospitalized only some time later due to initiative of medical officers who noticed signs of beatings on him.

At the same time investigators inspected conditions in which children were living and being brought up to find out whether there were grounds to suspect that interests of minor children might had been violated in this family and there were preconditions for violent treatment of them.

According to investigation, the convict has a number of previous criminal records including committing of intentional grave offence, and currently has an active conviction not removed from his record, is on probation upon the court's decision as he got a suspended sentence and isn't officially employed. From September, 2018 he lived together with the mother of the children and consistently had conflicts with her. Investigators came to a conclusion based on body injuries of the boys that children in the family were subject to systemic violence.

However, the prevention system authorities didn't detect socially dangerous state of the minor children and didn't remove them from the family which led to committing of a grave offence. As a result investigators launched a probe into neglect of duty under Article 293, Part 2 in investigation of which they will thoroughly examine all circumstances including actions and inactions of authorities of all prevention system bodies that are responsible for detection and prevention of crimes against minors (commission for juvenile affairs and securing of their rights, social protection authorities, guardianship and custody agencies, healthcare authorities, law enforcement authorities, penal law authorities and other).

Investigators are currently seeking to keep the arrested man and woman in custody and are carrying out a whole complex of investigative activities to establish circumstances in which the children had been injured. A principal legal assessment will be given to completeness and timeliness of measures taken by prevention system authorities based on the established circumstances. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

09 November 2018 11:43

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