Investigative Committee of Russia to establish circumstances of crime against minor and to provide legal assessment of actions (inaction) of employees of Ministry for Education and relevant agencies of Moscow Region

The Moscow Regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues to investigate a sexual offence against a first-grade student committed by a tenth-grade student within their school. The probe was launched under Paragraph B of Part 4 of Article 132 of the Criminal Code of Russia.

The investigation is to establish all circumstances of the accident and to give a legal assessment of actions (inaction) of employees of the Ministry for Education and relevant agencies of Moscow Region, including those in charge of detecting and preventing juvenile delinquency.

As of today, the investigation established that, on October 30, 2018, the senior-grade student had sexually assaulted the younger child. The child had reported the accident to his mother who then had addressed the school administration. However, the school management had failed to report the offence to law enforcement authorities, thus, violating the procedure set in regulatory documents.

The child's mother had filed a report by herself, following which investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia performed a comprehensive complex of activities, including a questioning of the victim in presence of his lawful representative. The conducted work resulted in establishing of the entire scene of the accident. At the moment, at a request of the investigation, the court subjected the defendant to a preventive detention. Examinations, interrogations, and other investigative activities are being carried out. The suspected minor had been under his relatives' guardianship, with reference to which it is to be assessed how comprehensive and timely the guardianship authorities had been supervising the family.

Today, a range of media outlets reported that the defendant had had only positive behavioral assessments. However, it was established during the investigation that the defendant had already been under inspection due to criminal activities in February 2013. A probe had not been launched for he had not reached the age of criminal responsibility back then. In addition, the minor had been under supervision by Juvenile Division, which had been later lifted for yet unidentified reasons.

Investigators of the Moscow Regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russia organized a preliminary investigation into the inadequate execution by public school officials and other persons in charge of detecting and preventing juvenile delinquency of their duties, within which the investigators will give a criminal assessment of the fact that the school administration had not reported the offence to law enforcement agencies. In addition, the investigators are to establish whether the school had been provided with security at the proper level; how well the security issues had been arranged; how fully the school had carried out psychological and paedagogical work with students; whether student had been provided with extra-curricular activities and sports sections; whether students had participated in a public and state children and youth organization, which activities are entirely focused on the development and education of schoolchildren.

The validity of the lifting of the preventive supervision from the minor is also being determined.

The pre-investigative probe will result in a procedural decision.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation addresses all citizens bearing any information on the accident to report it by phone number +7 (499) 184-00-65.

The Investigative Committee reminds that any information or detail that might seem insignificant at first may appear important for investigation and for bringing to justice of persons anyhow responsible for inflicting harm or even death upon a defenceless child.