Working visit of Alexander Bastrykin to St. Petersburg

During his working visit to Saint Petersburg, Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin held a personal reception session for citizens of Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Leningrad and Novgorod Regions. The reception was attended by chiefs and officers of regional investigative departments processing probes and investigative materials which had drawn the attention of Alexander Bastrykin addressed by citizens.

For instance, a representative of victims from France and Krasnodar Territory voiced a number of questions: he asked to take measures against guardianship authorities of Khabarovsk Region that had left a daughter of a murdered French citizen in the family of an actual accomplice of his murder. The man also drew the attention of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee to inaction of Krasnodar Regional Investigations Directorate officers and police officers through dismissing criminal complaints into additional criminal episodes of a probe into bribe-taking. The Chairman of the Investigative Committee instructed the Central Office to thoroughly check the arguments of the applicant.

An applicant from Saint Petersburg applied with a complaint for poor performance of police officers in carrying out a procedural probe into swindling with an apartment of his deceased relative. He thinks that the woman became a victim of “sham realtors” and asks the Saint Petersburg Main Investigations Directorate to arrange another procedural probe. Having listened to the man, Alexander Bastrykin instructed the Chief of the Saint Petersburg Main Investigations Directorate to assess the circumstances listed by the applicant once again.

Moreover, Alexander Bastrykin held a briefing to listen to reports on investigative progress on a number of probes investigated by the Investigations Directorate II (located in St. Petersburg), the Saint Petersburg Main Investigations Directorate, the Leningrad Regional Investigations Directorate, and the North-Western Transport Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

An investigator from the Transport Investigations Directorate reported to the Chairman about an investigation into provision of services unsafe for consumers’ lives and health by JSC Russian Railways, when a ramp had collapsed between the platform and an arrived train, and a passenger of the train had fallen down and received bodily injuries. The investigation is currently ongoing and the investigator has taken measures to suspend use of such bridges within Russia.

Alexander Bastrykin was also reported about the investigation progress into the director of the restaurant and other persons responsible for provision of catering services on steam-ship “Lunnaya Sonata”. According to the investigation, in August 2018, over 160 passengers had had a food poisoning due to provision of services unsafe for consumers’ lives and health, including staff’s failure to maintain personal hygiene and to comply with products storage regulations. The results of the currently performed sanitary and epidemiological forensic expertise are of a key significance for this probe.

An investigator from the Saint Petersburg Main Investigations Directorate reported on a probe into evasion of taxes in the amount of over 293 million roubles by Baltic Expedition LLC. The Chairman was also reported about the investigation of a murder of a woman in order to seize her apartment in Pontonny settlement in Kolpino District of Saint Petersburg, which had been committed by a conspired group in 2010. The investigation revealed the involvement of these persons in other grave and especially grave offences. At the moment, the investigation is in its final stage.

Apart from that, the Chief of the Major Crimes Investigation Department reported about a murder of three persons in Proba rural settlement of Vsevolozhsk District of Leningrad Region. The investigators established all circumstances of the offence and revealed involvement of the defendant in other offences. The investigation of this probe will be completed in the nearest future.

Following the session, Alexander Bastrykin gave a range of specific assignments and instructions aimed at fast and qualitative completion of reported crimes and arranged supervision of all probes petitioned about by the citizens at the personal reception session.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko