Investigative Committee of Russia identifies persons involved in murder of military pilot Oleg Peshkov

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues the investigation into the murder of Russian SU-24M bomber pilot Oleg Peshkov and marine Alexander Pozynich, as well as the attempt on the life of SU-24M navigator Konstantin Murakhtin on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic on November 24, 2015, by members of illegal armed groups.

Provided that the criminal encroachment on the life of the Russian military officers was committed on the territory of the foreign state, the main part of the investigative actions was carried out in Syria.

As a result of the inspections of the scene in the province of Latakia, the crash sites of the Russian bomber and rescue team helicopter were discovered; areas with positions of illegal armed groups members were reliably established, from which fire at the ejected pilots had been launching; the area in one of the settlements in the province of Latakia, where the terrorists delivered the body of Oleg Peshkov was found; and other important evidence was obtained.

The body of evidence gathered allowed to press charges upon nine Syrian citizens. All of them are charged with participation in the activities of an illegal armed group, as well as, in accordance with their part in the offence, with commission of the murder or attempted murder, outrages upon the body of the deceased, stealing of weapons, ammunition and personal property.

The persons listed above have been placed on an international wanted list, and the court ruled to detain them in absentia.

At this point, the necessary investigative and search actions to establish and expose the remaining accomplices of the criminal encroachment on the lives of the Russian military officers are being carried out; the investigation is ongoing.

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Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko



23 November 2018 09:47

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