Investigative actions into Aslan Gagiev finished

Main Investigations Directorate over North Caucasian Federal District continues investigating a probe into members of a criminal community headed by Georgia citizen Aslan Gagiev. The members of the criminal community have committed over 49 episodes of criminal activity entailing deaths of 60 people in Moscow, Moscow Region and the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, including law enforcement officers, republican and municipal authorities, businessmen and other persons.

As it was reported earlier,  in June, 2018 a relevant Austrian authority extradited Alan Gagiev to Russian Federation where he was detained.

Upon the final text of the indictment he was charged with and extradited in relation to offences under Part 1 of Article 210, Part 1 of Article 209, Paragraphs A, F, G, H of Part 2 of Article 222 of the Criminal Code of Russia (organization of criminal community, banditry, murder, illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation, or bearing of firearms).  Convicted Gagiev did not plead guilty and refused from testifying.

Aslan Gagiev was notified on the end of investigative actions; now the convict and his advocates are to study the case files.

The investigation is still in process of obtaining the consent  of the requested state (relevant authority of the Republic of Austria) for charging Gagiev with other offences revealed by investigation during extradition process.



Official spokesperson

For Investigative Committee of Russia             S. Petrenko