Investigative Committee continues establishing circumstances of tragic death of Ivan Krapivin

Today it was reported about the death of minor Ivan Krapivin from Severodvinsk - the boy who was severely injured a year ago while defending his mother from a neighbour. In this, it is obvious that medical workers did their utmost and even beyond. Only their qualified medical assistance made it possible to keep the teenager alive. The victim was treated in several hospitals, and several months ago the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated medical consultations with leading specialists of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare on his state of health and methods of treatment. Following that he was transferred to the Research Institute for Emergency Children’s Surgery and Traumatology of the Moscow Healthcare Department (Doctor Roshal’s Clinic) for further treatment. Despite recently emerging positive trends in his health condition, the child could not be saved. The man that inflicted these severe injuries was already brought to justice - he was sentenced to 14.5 years of imprisonment and to a fine of one million roubles in favour of the victims as a compensation of moral damage.

Nevertheless, the Investigative Committee of Russia is intended to take comprehensive measures provided by the criminal procedural law to bring to justice all participants of the tragedy. In particular, investigators are checking actions of penitentiary service officers that let a person with prior convictions uncontrollably live in one communal apartment with a family bringing up a minor. They are also assessing actions of a district police officer who was obliged to be in possession of the information about citizens living in supervised territory including information on dysfunctional families, and to take measures if needed. Apart from that the investigation will establish whether guardianship authorities and other supervisory services were aware of difficulties in the family and why they failed to provide any response to this information.

The investigation into an offence under Part 1 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code of Russia (rendering of services which do not meet standards of safety) is also ongoing for the sake of establishing all circumstances of the accident. During the criminal investigation the Investigative Committee of Russia is assessing activities of the charity fund that raised money for rehabilitation of the boy abroad. The investigation carried out a forensic audit to track income and expenditure of the fund. The investigation is checking whether the money actually benefited the intended target.

The Investigative Committee not once registered the saddening statistics: the total of 917 children have died of criminal offences in just 9 months of 2018. The Investigative Committee of Russia thoroughly investigates every such case to establish not only persons directly responsible for the crime, but also circumstances and causes that led to the tragedy. Bringing to justice authorities that neglect their duty will be a caution for other representatives of state supervisory services and will help protect children from adverse actions.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko