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Probe finished into former Head of the Udmurt Republic

The Main Directorate on Major Crimes Investigation of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation completed the investigation into former Head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Solovyov. He is accused of committing of two offences under Part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of Russia (bribe-taking by a person who holds a government post of the Russian Federation, on a very large scale).

According to the investigation, in 2014-2016, Alexander Solovyov had received bribes in a form of cash for a total of 139 million roubles, of commercial organisation’s shares worth 2.7 million roubles, as well as of illegal provision of cadastral monetised services, from representatives of a contractor building bridges across the Kama River and the Bui River near the town of Kambarka in the Udmurt Republic. In his turn, Alexander Solovyov had provided an unscheduled and immediate payment for the works from the federal and regional budgets, the allocation of licence to use a site of subsurface resources of local significance, as well as general patronage and connivance in favour of the bribe-givers.

During the investigation, the accused fully admitted his guilt and cooperated with the investigators, giving detailed testimony about the circumstances of the offences.

The investigators collected enough evidence for the criminal case to be referred to the Prosecutor’s Office to approve an indictment.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko

06 December 2018 15:13

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