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The Tzar's Order

Over 300 years ago, on December 9 , 1717, Peter the Great issued a special Order to officially establish "majors'" investigative chanceries directly subject to the Head of State. These chanceries became a prototype of modern investigative authorities of the Russian Federation.

By that moment Peter the Great realized the scale of the rampant corruption in the country and arbitrariness of the civil servants. "Wheels don't move without oil", "Barashka v bumazhke", "Mzda" - these phrases became aphorisms of that time. The autocrat decided to combat this scourge with a firm hand, namely, by means of investigation.

The total of 15 "major'" chanceries had been created by 1720 and investigated probes into tens of Russian governors and senators.

How many major politicians of Peter I epoch did the Russian "investigators" bring down and who were these politicians? Who did Tzar Peter put in charge of the chanceries and why were they called "majors'"? Watch the historic documentary of the Investigative Committee of Russia "The Tzar's Order" for the answers:

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