In Voronezh Region, Investigative Committee launches probe into neglect of duty by Cadet School authorities

The Voronezh Regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal inquiry into Deputy Director for Education and other unidentified officials of the Voronezh Regional Public Educational Institution “Gorozhansky Cossack Cadet School” under Part 1 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code of Russia (neglect of duty).

According to the preliminary investigation, from May to September 2018, a number of students of the Gorozhansky Cossack Cadet School had been suffering from regular offenses committed by other students involving physical abuse and damaging their honour and dignity.

Having learnt about that, the Deputy Director for Education and other unidentified officials of the educational institution failed to take adequate measures to stop the offences or to inform law enforcement authorities, therefore the offensive behaviour of three juvenile cadets against their peers continued and remained unpunished from October to November 2018.

The investigation will establish all reasons and circumstances that led to the commission of the offence. In course of the inquiry, investigators of the Investigative Committee are to find out whether safe conditions for education, upbringing and care for the cadets were provided in compliance with the legislation in effect and to check measures of cadet behaviour supervision outside study hours. The investigation will give a legal evaluation to actions of the Cadet School authorities for maintaining presence at night-time when all the offenses were usually committed and to prevention and upbringing activities in the institution. Apart from that, investigators will examine and assess actions (inaction) of juvenile delinquency prevention authorities. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

14 December 2018 10:46

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