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Alexander Bastrykin visits Saint Petersburg children's home under patronage of the Investigative Committee

On December 15, 2018 during his working trip to Saint Petersburg the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin visited Children's Home №3. The children-s home is under patronage of the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Investigative Committee.

The "Specialized Home №3 (psycho-neurogical) of Frunzenskiy Disrict" was opened in 1943 in besieged Leningrad to provide medical care and sustain lives of children becoming orphant during the siege. Now the children's home provides treatment and rehabilitation to children from 5 days to four years of age with various psycho-neurological illnesses.  

Officers of the Investigative Committee of Russia do their best to secure inmates of such institutions throughout the country from social inequity and feeling abandoned. That is why Investigative Committee officers and the Chairman personally pay close attention to patronage over such children. 

During the visit Alexander Bastrykin assured the staff members that the Investigative Committee will do it's utmost to make sure that the life in the children's home brings as much happiness as possible and the inmates are always surrounded by warmth and love. 

Alexander Bastrykin thanked the teaching staff for their challenging but noble work and wished the staff of the children's home happy New Year and merry Christmas.

Investigative Committee officers invited Father Frost and Snow Maiden to congratulate the children in order to let them feel the genuine magic of a New Year fairytale. 

15 December 2018 17:44

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