Alexander Bastrykin visits residents of Skolkovsky Centre for Family Upbringing Assistance

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin again visited the Skolkovsky Centre for Family Upbringing Assistance to wish the kids a happy New Year. The meeting with the children was also attended by Sergey Petrov, the Chief of the Educational Outreach Directorate of the Investigative Committee, Hero of the Russian Federation; employees of the Central Office of the Committee; and representatives of clergy.

The Skolkovsky Centre on Nezhinskaya Street cares for 34 children, the youngest of whom is yet to celebrate the one-year birthday. Orphans and children left without parental care, including those with disabilities, live and study there.

The visit was intended - recently, the children’s institution held the first meeting between the centre’s executives and the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, where the latter promised to visit the matinee personally to support the little wards. The matinee was held today.

The centre’s teachers together with the children prepared a New Year show, a true little winter miracle – “snowflake waltz” and puppet show. The agenda also included fascinating contests and games that made the children smile with excitement.

Alexander Bastrykin talked to the kids and wished them a happy New Year, so that their dreams would come true. Every child was presented with a New Year gift and oriental sweets brought from the Syrian Arab Republic. Another present for the institution were strollers, the need of which was announced by the centre’s managers at the previous meeting.

In addition, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee discussed with centre’s director Andrey Komarov the practice of social adaptation and habilitation of the centre’s residents, as well as the cooperation plan of the centre and the Committee for 2019, stressing the matters of the centre’s equipment and rooms condition.

Upon Alexander Bastrykin’s instruction, the Investigative Committee took the centre’s residents under its patronage, which is why a separate topic of the discussion was the matter of education and development of the children and part of Committee’s employees in that. “Children are the future of our country, so we need to do our best to fence them from adult troubles and to ensure that they enter the adult life with their heads held high when they leave the centre,” Alexander Bastrykin noted. Caring for the children’s well-being, the Chairman also suggested providing of legal assistance if needed and advised students and cadets of the Investigative Committee to hold joint sports and art events with the centre’s residents. Representatives of the children’s centre accepted the Chairman’s offer with gratitude.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia noted the exceptionally friendly environment in the centre created by its employees and thanked the teachers for their hard work and understanding hearts by inviting them to an upcoming concert of member of the Public Council of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Vinokur to be held for the Committee’s employees.