In Bashkortostan, local resident charged with legalization of illegally acquired monetary funds and illegal enterprise

The investigating authorities of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Republic of Bashkortostan launched two probes into a 27-year old resident of Beloretsk, upon probe results provided by the Directorate for Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Enforcement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Bashkortostan. He is charged with crimes specified by Paragraph A of Part 2 of Article 171 (illegal enterprise committed by an organized group) and Paragraph B of Part 4 of Article 174.1 (legalization (laundering) of funds acquired by a person in an illegal way committed on a large scale) of the Criminal Code of Russia.

As was established by the investigation, in 2015-2017, the accused had committed illegal enterprise related to the education of adults and children and auxiliary services for the organization of business for a fee. With this purpose, he had arranged communities in an Internet social network and trained and motivated people willing to create their own businesses, as well as used these communities as advertising platforms. In order to support the uninterrupted operation of the communities, he had hired several other persons clearly allocating duties among them and thereby creating a criminal group. The membership in the Internet communities had been chargeable: a membership fee in the amount of 8,000 rubles had been required for studying and use of its materials.

The criminal had conducted his business without setting a legal entity or acquiring the status of an individual entrepreneur.

The proceeds from the illegal business had been transferred to the bank accounts of the accused person to give a veneer of legality to the possession of these funds, which subsequently had been disposed by the person at his own discretion.

In the said period, the entrepreneur legalized his illegally acquired proceeds for the total amount exceeding 6 million rubles.

Currently, investigative actions are being conducted in order to define all the circumstances of the committed offence and other persons involved in its commission. The criminal investigation is ongoing.