Criminal investigation into Alexander Shestun ongoing

The Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia continues the criminal investigation into Alexander Shestun, the former Head of Serpukhov Municipal District of Moscow Region. He is charged with crimes under Part 4 of Article 159, Paragraph B of Part 4 of Article 174.1, and Article 289 (swindling; legalization of funds acquired by a person in an illegal way; illegal enterprise) of the Criminal Code of Russia. The perpetrators of the criminal case are also Boris Krivodubsky and Sergey Samsonov who are currently on the wanted list.

According to the investigators, Shestun, holding the position of the Head of Serpukhov Municipal District of Moscow Region, in 2003-2018 had illegally participated in the business activities of a number of commercial organizations. Those firms had conducted their business and gained profits under his patronage and actual control via affiliates.

In 2008-2011, Shestun jointly with Krivodubsky and Samsonov had illegally acquired ownership rights for four land lots located in Borisovo village of Dankovskoe rural settlement of Serpukhov Municipal District of Moscow Region, with an area of 10 hectares, causing the damage to the budget on a very large scale in the amount of over 62 million rubles. For this purpose, they used Center LLC affiliated with them. The criminal scheme had consisted of an initial lease of the land to the legal entity with subsequent construction of a small household building on this land. After registration of the ownership of the building, conditions had been created artificially for the acquisition of the land, on which it had been located, at a reduced price, which had been dozens of times lower than the market price. Following the registration of ownership, the land had been resold.

For instance, in 2011-2014, through a number of transactions via Center LLC, Morgan LLC, and ITV-Service LLC affiliated with them, they had legalized at a large scale the illegally acquired property, such as land lots located in Borisovo village of Dankovskoe rural settlement of Serpukhov Municipal District of Moscow Region, selling them to Lenta LLC for 160 million rubles. Originally they had purchased the land only for 628,000 rubles.

In the course of investigative actions, the evidence was found that Shestun, Krivodubsky, and Samsonov had actually owned the property for the amount of around 2.2 billion rubles (at cadastral value) registered both on them and their family members, relatives, other affiliated legal entities and individuals. At the same time, some of them had been not aware of the number of the real estate assets registered in their names. The materials of the probe collected in the course of the investigation about the disparity in the received proceeds and actual property were submitted to the General Prosecutor’s Office for preparation of a lawsuit for disgorgement of this property.

Regarding the criminal case, the work is ongoing for the collection of evidence of the crimes committed by Shestun, Krivodubsky, and Samsonov, as is the investigation of other episodes of their criminal activities.


Official spokesperson

for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko