Former heads of enterprises MiG and Tupolev sentenced

The evidence gathered by the Main Directorate on Major Crimes Investigation of the Investigative Committee of Russia was found to be sufficient by the court to decide upon an indictment for former Director General of MiG-RosT OJSC Alexey Ozerov and former Vice President of Tupolev PJSC Yegor Noskov. Depending on the level of their involvement, they were found guilty of offences under Part 4 of Article 159, Paragraphs A and B of Part 4 of Article 174.1, and Part 2 of Article 201 (swindling; legalization of funds acquired by a person in an illegal way; abuse of authority) of the Criminal Code of Russia.

The investigation and the court established that, during 2004-2011, the defendants, as part of an organized group, had committed swindling with the expensive real estate of MiG-RosT OJSC, which had previously been under state control, had legalized the stolen property, and abused their authority for signing a contract for the lease of a land plot in Moscow, which had belonged to MiG-RosT OJSC, as well as swindling against RSK MiG JSC amounting to 200 million rubles.

 The total damage to the state and RSK MiG JSC caused by the actions of the organized group amounted to about 800 million rubles. The investigators seized the property of the accused individuals, which total worth will allow to reimburse the damage caused by the crimes.

The court sentenced Ozerov and Noskov to 9.5 and 8 years of imprisonment respectively. Both convicts are sentenced to a substantial fine as an additional measure of punishment.

The investigation into the former Deputy Director General for economic and financial affairs of RSK MiG JSC Sergey Mamayev for his taking part in swindling upon the consent was closed because the statute of limitations of criminal prosecution expired.

At the moment, the investigation is ongoing into other former high-ranking authorities of the aviation industry enterprises who are on the international wanted list.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation S. Petrenko

02 April 2019 12:51

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