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In Leningrad Region, probe launched into illegal deprivation of freedom under the guise of medical rehabilitation

The Leningrad Regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia has launched a probe into illegal deprivation of freedom under Paragraph G of Part 2 of Article 127 of the Criminal Code of Russia (illegal deprivation of freedom committed against two or more persons).

According to the investigation, acting on behalf of a network of private medical centers, some individuals had been imposing services of alleged medical rehabilitation to citizens suffering from alcohol and other addictions. People had been placed in private homeownership equipped for collective living with clear violations of sanitary standards and coexistence rules. There they had been illegally restrained, while perpetrators had imposed their relatives with the necessity of long-termed detention and charged from 40,000 to 100,000 rubles monthly for allegedly provided services.

Today, as part of the investigation, the investigators and forensic experts of the regional directorates of the Investigative Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the National Guard have carried out searches in the rehabilitation centers of Leningrad Region and Saint Petersburg. There were over 50 people held from different regions of Russia, including women and minors.

At present, the Head of one of the private rehabilitation centers and four his accomplices are detained. The investigators continue conducting a set of required investigative and search activities on the probe in order to establish all the circumstances of the offence and to identify the perpetrators.

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13 September 2019 20:09

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