The VIII All-Russia Young Men Judo Cup of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia taking place in Velikiy Novgorod

Today in Velikiy Novgorod in the gym of the Central Sports Arena the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia opened the VIII All-Russian Judo Competition for young men up to 15 years of age dedicated to the memory of young heroes of Russia and officers of the Investigative Committee of Russia killed in the line of duty.

The Head of Educational Outreach Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia Sergey Petrov, the Head of the Regional Investigations Directorate Nicholay Konnov, the Novgorod Region Governor Andrey Nikitin, the Chief Federal Inspector of Novgorod Region Vadim Nepryakhin and other invitees also took part in the grand opening. Relatives of the young heroes and of Investigative Committee officers killed in the line of duty attended the event as honored guests.

Opening the competition, Alexander Bastrykin noted that the tournament gathering the audience of veterans, those carrying on the glorious traditions of investigation and young citizens of our country demonstrates the inextricable link and moral unity of many generations of the Motherland defenders.

"This mass event became a kind tradition and a long-awaited holiday where a team spirit forms and young judo athletes demonstrate their will power, agility, ability to struggle and to win. The tournament dynamically expands its area and constantly acquires new participants. Today the ancient Russian city Velikiy Novgorod -the craddle of Russian statehood - takes its turn to host the competition. This attaches a specific color to the sports tournament which brings together over 150 sportsmen from 15 constituents of the Russian Federation" - Alexander Bastrykin noted. He added that judo is a harmonious sport that not only develops physical strength but also forms intelligence and nobility. It's not only a test of strength and endurance, it is, above all, an effective way of self perfection.

At the initiative of the Investigative Committee of Russia the competitions take place from 2012. The first tournament took place in Noginsk on the native land of the youngest holder of the Order of Courage Jenya Tabakov - a boy who lost his life defending his sister from a rapist. The list of young heroes awarded posthumously also includes names of Danil Sadykov who died saving a child and Andrey Kasimov trying to save his sister from a perpetrator. 

This year added to this list the names of Alexey Martynenko and Svyatoslav Yushkov who lost their lives saving people from fire. On the night of July 23, 2019 a heavy fire started in the children camp of touristic complex Holdomi located in Solnechny District of Khabarovsk Region. During evacuation a ten-year-old Alexey Martynenko ran to help children in a burning tent. Lesha received severe burns incompatible with life. Later, on August 30, a little boy Svyatoslav Yushkov did everything he could to pull his grandfather out of a burning bath sauna, but caught fire himself. His grandfather died and Svyatoslav, suffering severe burns, was delivered to Nizhny Novgorod by an EMERCOM specially organized flight. Despite all medical efforts, on September 9 Svyatoslav passed away.

This competition is held to remember their heroic feats as well. During the tournament Alexander Bastrykin handed medals "Valor and courage" of the Investigative Committee of Russia to the parents of deceased Alexey Martynenko and Svyatoslav Yushkov and expressed his support and condolences related to the loss of the children.

From the foundation of the Investigative Committee of Russia 12 officers of law enforcement bodies have been killed by perpetrators. Ten of them were killed in the line of duty in North-Caucasian Region of our country. "They stayed loyal to their oath to the very end and didn't waver or retreat in the most critical moments. Their names are forever in the Book of Memory of the Investigative Committee. Events like this tournament help us to pay tribute to our deceased colleagues" - the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia underlined.

The participants and the audience of the tournament paid tribute to those who loyally discharge their civil and service duties with a minute of silence 

Other quests of the event also said the words of aspiration to the young sportsmen.  

Participants of the tournament demonstrated a high level of organization and pleased the audience with fascinating performance.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia thanked the organizers of the event for their work and wished the participants of the competition further success, and future beautiful and honest victories.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko