Probe launched into act of international terrorism upon destruction of bridge supports on the way of EMERCOM convoy in Luhansk

The Main Investigations Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia has launched a criminal investigation under Part 1 of Article 361 of the Criminal Code of Russia (committing outside the Russian Territory an arson or other actions dangerous for life, health, freedom, or integrity of citizens of the Russian Federation, aimed to breach the peaceful co-existence of states and peoples or aimed against the interests of the Russian Federation).

On September 19, 2019, while executing admittedly offensive orders of higher political and military officials of Ukraine, unidentified persons detonated three explosive devices installed on the bridge supports in the area of the junction of the Lutuginskaya and 1st Keramicheskaya streets of Luhansk. This bridge was on the way of the 86 humanitarian convoy of EMERCOM consisting of 10 cargo vehicles that were supposed to pass there shortly.

According to the investigation, the offence was aimed to sabotage the delivery of humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation to citizens of the self-appointed Luhansk People’s Republic.

The illegal activities endangered the life and health of citizens of the Russian Federation--the EMERCOM officers taking part in the humanitarian convoy--and were aimed against the interests of the Russian Federation.

To establish all circumstances of the incident, investigative activities will be carried out as part of the investigation under the Russian criminal procedural law and international law. Taking into account the existing experience of investigation of terrorist actions, the Investigative Committee of Russia is ready to perform all the required measures to solve this crime.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko