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Series about daily work of investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia starts filming in Saint Petersburg

The filming of a new series based on everyday life and work of officers of the Investigations Directorate I of the Saint Petersburg Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia has started in Saint Petersburg. The symbolic start was traditionally given with a broken plate.

The detective series with a working title “Department I” based on a script by Andrey Tumarkin is a project of the 3X Media film production company for the NTV channel. The Investigative Committee of Russia provides consultative help to the filmmakers at all stages, from writing the script to sewing uniforms for actors.

This is a new life-like story about real people directed by Denis Neymand. In various series on combating crime, the work of an investigator usually stays behind the curtains; however, the investigator is the one to organize an impartial investigation of a crime. The lives of people--those affected by adverse actions and those coming to the attention of law enforcement agencies--depend on the investigator’s professionalism, deduction, and ability to establish circumstances of the crime in detail. The investigation of cruel and complicated crimes, sometimes without a single clue, search for the single right version, and identification of a person who committed the crime--that’s what the everyday life of an investigator comprises.

Popular actor Ivan Kolesnikov plays the key role of a modern investigator, combining features attributed to real officers, who are loyal to law and justice. Well-known talented artists of theatre and cinema Sergey Zharkov, Stanislav Tkachenko, Ilya Shakunov, and Elena Vozhakina also play leading parts in the series.


Report on shooting of the series

30 September 2019 18:10

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