Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia expresses his condolences upon tragic death of officer in the line of duty

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has addressed his deepest condolences to the family and friends of Colonel of Justice Vladislav Vladimirovich Kapustin, whose life was cut short in a targeted attack.

“Today, our comrade, Colonel of Justice Vladislav Vladimirovich Kapustin died in the line of duty, at the walls of the Investigative Committee. The officer was discharging his duty of arranging a personal reception of citizens when a man attending stabbed him in the back cold-heartedly.

Vladislav Vladimirovich was only 42 years old. Starting from the college bench, he dedicated all his life to serving the society, state, and justice. His perseverance and faith in the power of law became the components of his successful performance in the internal affairs bodies, the Prosecutor’s Office, and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Investigator, prosecutor, senior inspector at the Central Office of the Investigative Committee, he was a true professional in law while keeping his heart full of human virtues and a talented analyst with tremendous experience and knowledge. He was always tactful, caring for the task assigned. His tragic demise is a heartfelt loss for the entirety of our Committee.

It is painful to realize that we regrettably continue to suffer losses among our comrades-in-arms even in peacetime. Vladislav Kapustin’s contribution to the common cause of restoring citizens’ rights will not be forgotten. His name will always be part of the cohort of officers who sacrificed their lives for their integrity and honesty.

We grieve together with Vladislav Kapustin’s family upon this irreparable loss and pledge to support his wife and young son, who lost their loved one overnight.

No crime, much as this impudent one, against people guarding the interests of citizens and the state shall be left unpunished. Our investigators will take all the measures required to establish the circumstances of the accident in detail, as soon as possible. The attacker’s actions along with all the circumstances related will be given a legal assessment subject to the criminal law.”

01 October 2019 17:38

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