Missing boy found in taiga in the Republic of Tyva

The Tyva Republican Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues the investigation launched upon the instruction of Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin into the disappearance of the 12-year-old resident of the Iy settlement of Todzhinsky District of the Republic.

As a result of wide-scaled search activities led by the Head of the Tyva Republican Directorate of the Investigative Committee, the boy has been found alive in five kilometers from the hut he had left before disappearing. At present, the matter of transportation of the child to a settlement where he can be provided with required medical care is being decided upon.

According to the investigation, the boy, his father, and their acquaintances had been picking pine nuts in Khoor Arga place in the taiga, 20 kilometers away from the Iy settlement of Todzhinsky District. In the early afternoon on September 29, 2019, the boy had gone from the camp in the direction of the settlement on foot. At approximately 2 PM, local citizens had discovered the absence of the boy and carried out a self-organized search bearing no success.

Investigators and forensic experts of the Investigative Committee of Russia carried out the necessary complex of investigative activities aimed to find the minor and to establish all circumstances of the accident. The hut, from which the boy had left in the direction of the settlement, was examined by canine service officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The area was combed with the assistance of additional forces. Apart from that, investigators interrogated relatives, school students and teachers to obtain information characterizing the boy in order to predict his possible further actions because, according to his father, the boy had known the area since childhood and was comfortable navigating across it.

The search involved relatives, local citizens, forestry enterprise workers, aeronautical forestry inspectorate, municipal educational institutions, military officers of the 55th Motorized Infantry Brigade, officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and EMERCOM of the Tyva Republic. In total, over 150 persons have been engaged in the search. Special equipment, a quadcopter, satellite radio communications, and off-road vehicles were used in order to ensure the efficiency of the search.

Investigative search activities

03 October 2019 08:59

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