The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia sends forensic experts of the Central Office to Saratov to assist to investigation of murder of a girl

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin dispatched forensic investigators of the Central Office of the Committee to Saratov in order to provide practical help in investigation of circumstances of a murder of 9-year-old girl and to prove and examine evidence in the most prompt manner. 

Unfortunately the child searched for from October 9 was found dead. On the day of disappearance, at approximately 7:30 AM, the girl left home in the direction of an educational facility and didn't appear there.  

At the moment the search activities are completed. Investigation of the probe under Paragraph C of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of Russia is ongoing. A man born in 1984 who might be involved in the murder was identified during investigative and search activities carried out by investigators and forensic experts of the regional Investigative Committee of Russia and officers of the Regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  

The suspected is arrested and is being interrogated by the investigation currently. He is testifying on the circumstances of the offence. According to testifying, he had noticed an old abandoned garage, changed the lock and squatted it. On October 9 the victim was walking by while he was in the garage. She asked him whether the garage belonged to him. The man suggested that the real property could belong to the minor's family. Being afraid of disclosure, he forced the girl into the garage and committed her murder. This theory of the suspected will be examined by the investigator. It is already known that the arrested person was previously convicted for a number of grave offences. At the moment he has an outstanding conviction for rape, robbery and the compulsion to perform sexual actions.  Data of the outside footage also proving the investigators' theory of the arrested person's involvement in the murder issued to the case file as material evidence. At the same time the investigation assesses other possible versions of the crime.

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed the Central Office to supervise investigation process of the probe. No one should have any doubts that the Investigative Committee of Russia will take utmost measures to bring to justice the one committed a cruel crime against a child.

S. Petrenko, Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia