Working visit of Alexander Bastrykin to St. Petersburg

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin held a personal reception of citizens in St. Petersburg. It was attended by heads and officers of investigative units of the Investigative Committee of Russia responsible for probes discussed during reception.

Thus, a St. Petersburg citizen complained to Alexander Bastrykin about inaction of investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Primorsky District of St. Petersburg and reported about allegedly swindling activities of one of homeowners' associations.

Another St. Petersburg complained Alexander Bastrykin about actions of an investigator of St. Petersburg Main Investigations Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in investigation of a probe into major money stealing entailing his inability to use his apartment. The Head of the Committee instructed the Head of the St. Petersburg Main Investigations Directorate to launch probes into these facts and make legitimate decisions.

A married couple visited the reception of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia to express their gratitude to Alexander Bastrykin for his assistance in obtaining citizenship for them and members of their family.

An applicant from Leningrad Region, being a physically disabled person, reported about inaction of authorities of Lubanskoe Municipal Settlement Administration of Tosnenskiy Municipal District in implementation of court decision for providing him with a separate apartment. He added that the administration has been failing to implement this court decision for already over one year and a half. After listening to the man, Alexander Bastrykin instructed officers of the Leningrad Region Investigations Directorate to examine circumstances of the situation during investigation of the probe and to help the applicant to realize his housing rights.

A Stavropol Territory citizen applied to the reception of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia to report about a hostile takeover of business and other assets of her husband, being an owner of major enterprises of Stavropol Territory, after his death in January 2015, and to complain about inaction of law enforcement officers of the region. Alexander Bastrykin admitted the application and promised that the Central Office of the Committee will assess all her arguments.

Following the personal reception of citizens, Alexander Bastrykin provided his subordinates with a range of specific instructions and notes on each complaint, stressing that the handling of the all matters in question would be under his personal control.

After the personal reception the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia met with cadets - orphan children and children left without parental care - of the St. Peterburg Cadet Corps. This time the children shared with Alexander Bastrykin the practice of patronage developed in the Corps: high grades students actively help newcomers to adapt and join the educational process. The Chairman supported the initiative and noted that such actions are genuine and important.       

Apart from that, the Saint Petersburg State University hosted another lecture for students of the University. The topic of the lecture was determined by recently celebrated professional holiday of criminal investigation officers. The Professor told the students about the main operative service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affaors - criminal investigation police - disclosing its tasks and responsibilities.

Alexander Bastrykin paid special attention to history of development of the investigative service and noted that "from the moment of its creation it faced tasks determined by historical circumstances". He highlighted the modern system of the investigation police headed by the Main DIrectorate for Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - independent structural unit of the Central Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to legal grounds of its activities.

Apart from that, the professor told about procedure and meaning of joint work of this police unit and the Investigative Committee of Russia. In many cases the well-planned interaction between investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia and criminal investigation officers, as well as the use of modern forensics, search and expert equipment facilitated identification of persons guilty of committing of especially grave offences. Alexander Bastrykin provided specific examples of efficient joint activities.

Alexander Bastrykin noted that solving of each crime is a result of team work, and operative and search surveillance of investigative activities, skilful use of  the agent machine and timely use of all existing expert possibilities play an important part in it.

Besides, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee invited actual employees of the Committee - forensic investigators of the Main Forensics Directorate (Forensics Centre) of the Investigative Committee - to give presentation for students on today’s lesson. The presentation focused on one of the most important investigative actions - the crime scene examination. The representatives of the Forensics Centre of the Investigative Committee told the audience about the traces classification, ways of detecting and recording them, the devices used for the crime scene examination, as well as modern forensic science equipment for detecting and exemption of traces, material evidence and crime instruments. The investigators revealed some tactics of the work of forensic investigators, and gave outstanding practical examples.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko