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In Krasnoyarsk, suspects in inflicting fatal injuries to their acquaintance detained

As part of the investigation into infliction of grave injuries entailed death of 31-year-old citizen of Krasnoyarsk by negligence (Part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Russia) two suspects were detained. They are being questioned at the moment. A preventive measure for the suspects will be decided upon in the nearest future.

It is established that the one of the suspect was previously convicted for swindling and robbery, the second – for robbery and illegal drug trade. A footage of the beating taken by a friend of suspects also proving the investigators' theory of the involvement of the detained issued to the case file as material evidence.

As it was reported earlier, on September 15 at night two friends of 24 and 29 years old arrived to the place of residence of their 31-year-old acquaintance after an argument they had during the phone call. There on the landing and then in the apartment they inflicted multiple injuries on him. The victim was delivered to the healthcare institution where he passed away despite the efforts of doctors. The probe was initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs but was referred to the investigative bodies of the Main Investigators Directorate for Krasnoyarsk Territory and Republic of Khakassia upon death of the beaten man.

There should be no doubt that kinship of any of the perpetrators of such heinous crimes cannot affect making legal decisions upon them. The investigation is under supervision on behalf of Chairman of the Investigative Committee. The investigative actions are being taken to define all the circumstances of this cruel and cynical crime.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko

14 October 2019 20:35

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