Congratulation of Alexander Bastrykin on the 65th anniversary of formation of the Forensics Service of Russia

Dear colleagues, investigation veterans, officers of forensic services and expert units!

Not a single resonant incident is left without the practical help of forensic investigators. 65 years ago, it all started with four dozen people nationwide, today the Forensics Service of the Investigative Committee of Russia has about 2.5 thousand people. Our forensic experts live out of a suitcase, spending a hundred days a year on missions, ready at any moment to go to the scene of the incident to provide crucial assistance to the investigation. We know of cases when forensic experts of the Investigative Committee establish the identity of a perpetrator in no time. The effectiveness of forensic services largely depends on the competent work of executives, and this is the merit of those who defended the need to enshrine the status of forensic investigator in the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, who fought for the authority to conduct examinations.

The perpetrators are becoming more sophisticated, technology is progressing, but we are doing everything possible to provide our forensic experts with advanced equipment. We develop research areas, involve the best experts in the work. Thanks to these actions, it is now possible to solve crimes that were committed decades ago.

With deep respect for your work and remembering the time when the expert went to the scene with a modest set of forensic tools, and there were no mobile laboratories at all, I am convinced that no matter how perfect the technique, the last word is left to people, professionals of their craft, possessing knowledge from various fields, ready to accept any challenges and solve the most complex tasks!
I wish you and your family and friends good health, well-being, the opportunity to spend more time with nearest and dearest, the confidence that you have chosen the right path of life!

The Chairman
of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation,
General for Justice of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin