In Leningrad Region, officers of the Investigative Committee of Russia achieved restoration of rights of a disabled person applied for a personal reception of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia

On October 12, 2019, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia held a personal reception of citizens, during which a disabled person from Leningrad Region complained to Alexander Bastrykin about inaction of Administration of Lubanskoe Urban Settlement of Tosnensky Municipal District during implementation of the court decision on providing him with a separate apartment. He added that the administration has been failing to implement this court decision for several years.

The Leningrad Region Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia achieved the signing of a municipal contract for the purchase of a well-appointed apartment in Lubanskoe Urban Settlement of Tosnensky Municipal District of Leningrad Region and launched a probe into long-term inaction of the local administration under Article 293 of the Criminal Code of Russia (negligence).

After listening to the man and his subordinates, Alexander Bastrykin instructed officers of the Leningrad Region Investigations Directorate to examine circumstances of the situation during investigation of the probe and to help the applicant to realize his housing rights.

The day before the Investigations Directorate held a meeting with participation of the Leningrad Region citizen whose rights had been infringed, acting Head of Administration of the Lubanskoe Urban Settlement of Tosnensky Municipal District Nicholay Nicholaev, representative of the Russian Orthodox Church Father Michail, and officers of the Investigations Directorate.

The Head of the Investigations Directorate Sergey Sazin addressed the audience and noted that protection of rights and legal interests of socially unprotected citizens is an important part of work since it is impossible to stay indifferent to troubles and hopes of people being in a complicated living situation due to their illnesses, and indifference and inaction of certain authorities deprive them of any hope for protection of their legal rights, that is, in fact, for restoration of social justice. The Head of the Directorate reported that already in 2014 the man was recognised as a low-income person in need of housing under a social rent agreement, however, due to failure to provide him with an apartment, he was forced to appeal to the court for the protection of his rights; in 2017 the court obliged the municipal administration to provide a separate housing for the man. Despite that, the administration officials infringed the rights of a disabled person for over 5 years, providing a reason for him to apply to the Investigative Committee.

During the meeting, the man received keys to his new apartment from the local administration. In conclusion of the meeting, he invited the Investigative Committee officers to housewarming party in his new apartment.

The investigation into negligence of the administrative authorities is ongoing to result in legal assessment of the actions of the local self-government authorities; measures for elimination of causes and circumstances that contributed to the commission of the offence have been taken.