Chairman of the Investigative Committee instructs investigation to motion Prosecutor’s Office to appeal against court decision over probe into murder of Saratov Region citizen

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin instructed a relevant unit of the Central Office to motion the Prosecutor’s Office to appeal against the court decision over the probe into the murder of 26-year-old Saratov Region citizen Maxim Sidorov.

On July 9, 2017, conflict had occurred between Sergey Lisunov, Pavel Rogachev, and 26-year-old Maxim Sidorov. After that, the men had gone on their business but on the same night, they had had another row, after which the men, under the disguise of throwing a drinking party, had suggested that Maxim would go with them, intending to drive him to an abandoned place and kill. The men had headed to Lisunov’s house where he had taken a sawed-off gun and driven out of town; Lisunov had got out of the car and shot Sidorov in the head. The young man had died of the received injury and Lisunov and Logachev had hidden his body in the bushes. The next day they had transported the body out of town in Lisunov’s car and buried it in a ravine.

On August 14, Lisunov was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment, Logachev to 6 years of imprisonment. The affected party appealed against it, believing it to be too merciful.

Today, upon the decision of the Saratov Regional Court, Logachev was released from the courtroom.

01 November 2019 17:42

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