Moscow hosts working meeting of Chairmen of the Investigative Committees of Russia and Armenia

The Investigative Committee of Russia hosted a working meeting between Chairman Alexander Bastrykin and Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia Hayk Grigoryan. On behalf of the Russian party, the meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Igor Krasnov, Head of the Main Forensics Directorate (Forensics Centre) Sigmund Lojis, and heads of a number of other units of the Central Office of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

The parties discussed issues of implementation of interagency cooperation programs in the areas of forensic surveillance of investigation and science and education and certain aspects of providing mutual legal assistance in probes. Armenian colleagues showed a special interest in a demonstration of forensic equipment and coverage of issues of use of advanced means and methods of crime-solving, carrying out forensic examinations, and procedural basis of use of hypnosis and polygraphic examinations.

The heads of the Committees also noted that amid the growth of cross-border crime, the efficiency improvement of the fight against illegal activities is inextricably linked to the establishment of a multi-level system of interagency cooperation among law enforcement agencies.

During the event, the Chairmen of the Investigative Committees of Russia and Armenia signed a Joint Statement of Mutual Readiness to take joint measures of combating crime and improving the quality and timeliness of probes investigation.

In addition, following the working meeting, Alexander Bastrykin and Hayk Grigoryan signed a protocol of instructions on the issues of forensic support of the investigation, exchange of experience in the investigation of certain types of crimes, and the organization of operational units within the pre-investigation bodies.

Within the framework of the visit, the Armenian delegation also visited the Moscow Academy of the Investigative Committee of Russia, where they had a meeting with the teaching staff of the educational institution. The representatives of the Investigative Committee of Armenia learned about the work of the Russian Committee in the scientific-educational sphere and the process of training future specialists.