Astrakhan Region citizen found guilty of financing terrorism

The evidence gathered by the Astrakhan Regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation was considered sufficient by the court to convict a 32-year-old local citizen. She was found guilty of assisting in terrorist activities in a form of financing terrorism (Part 1.1 of Article 205.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia) to participants of the international terrorist organization Islamic State banned in Russia.

The investigation and the court established that the citizen of Kamyzyaksky District of Astrakhan Region had been one of the organizers of a conspired unit of the international terroristic organization ISIS that had collected money for financing activities of this organization in Moscow, Astrakhan, Tomsk, and several subjects of North Caucasian Federal District.

From 2016 until February 2019, the woman had placed bank card requisites for money collection in private chats using Telegram messenger and transferred the money to the founder of an Islamic fund banned in Russia. The total sum of the money collected had amounted to at least 200 rubles. Moreover, she had broadcast extremist audio materials in her Telegram channel.

In 2018, the woman had come to the attention of law enforcement agencies during an operation for suppression of activities of a criminal group suspected of financing terrorism and being involved in terrorist activities in Moscow and Tomsk Region. The organizers of the group have already been sentenced to many years of imprisonment.

At her place of residence, the investigators seized mobile phones containing text and voice messages about money transfers for terrorist operatives and bank cards.

Over 70 persons including those residing in the Republic of Dagestan, Chechen Republic, Murmansk and Moscow Regions were interrogated as witnesses.

The fact of illegal activities was detected by officers of the FSS of Russia.

The court sentenced the Astrakhan Region citizen to 8 years of imprisonment in a general regime correctional colony.