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Investigative Committee of Russia launches a project «Alarm! A child is missing!»

Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation pays special attention in its work to search for missing children. To strengthen and raise the efficiency of this area of work, the Committee organizes interaction with other structures and develops new methods aimed for perfection of search. Thus, the Investigative Committee of Russia, society representatives and concerned structures - Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, EMERCOM, Ministry of Defence and the National Guard signed a regulatory act on algorithm of interaction during the search for a missing child.

Time factor is essential in search activities, therefore the direction of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed their subordinates to immediately respond to reports about missing children. Apart from that, the agency actively collaborates with voluntary search teams that have already indeed proved their efficiency and importance. Special channels of communication for receiving disturbing reports on missing children have been created in each regional directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia; thematic pages on regional websites of the Committee are operating. In order to centralize this work, the Investigative Committee of Russia launched a project «Alarm! A child is missing!» on its official website to place relevant information on search for juveniles. The new section is aimed to swiftly inform all the concerned structures, mass media and public representatives, which will facilitate successful and timely completion of searches for missing children.

In most cases promptness and consolidation of joint efforts, use of advance forensic equipment and concerned attitude give positive results - children are found alive, and every saved life is a great victory.

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12 November 2019 08:50

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