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In Zabaikalsky Territory, vehicle driver detained as part of investigation of road traffic accident that left seven dead

The Zabaikalsky Regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has pressed charges under Part 6 of Article 264 of the Criminal Code of Russia (violation of the road traffic rules and operation of a vehicle by a person under the influence of alcohol that entailed the death of two or more persons by negligence) against a man born in 1990 during the investigation into a road traffic accident that happened in Aginsky District of Zabaikalsky Territory on November 14, 2019, and took the lives of seven persons.

According to the investigation, on November 13, 2019, at about 11 PM, the accused individual, while driving in a Howo Shacman, stopped on a motorway bridge due to a breakdown of his engine, although it was forbidden to make a stop there. Despite this fact, in several hours the accused did not make an attempt to evacuate the vehicle parked illegally and failed to mark the spot of his emergency stop with the appropriate sign, which entailed the road traffic accident later. Moreover, the investigation shows that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The accused man has admitted his guilt partially.

Today, at a request of the investigation, he was subjected to a preventive detention. The court has taken into consideration the investigator’s argument that the perpetrator may flee from justice if remained free. In addition, the investigators have presented to the court the fact that the accused individual had been previously sentenced for road traffic rules violation and repeatedly paid fines for driving under the influence of alcohol.

To remind, on November 14, 2019, at about 7 AM, the driver of a minibus, following the route from Yasnogorsk to Chita, collided with the cargo vehicle Howo Shacman in Aginsky District of Zabaikalsky Territory. The crash threw the minibus onto the oncoming traffic lane where it collided with a ZIL. In the road traffic accident, the minibus’ driver and six passengers died; two persons received injuries of varying severity.

By now, the investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia have performed a massive amount of investigative activities in order to establish the circumstances of the offense. Several dozens of witnesses and eye-witnesses have been questioned; searches and seizures have been conducted, including those in the Ministry of Construction, Public Roads, and Transport of Zabaikalsky Territory, at the place of residence of the minibus’ driver, and at the premises of the passenger transportation company in Chita and Ulan-Ude.

At the moment, investigative actions are being conducted to determine all the circumstances of the committed offense. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

17 November 2019 16:14

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