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In Sverdlovsk Region, probe launched into child’s death

The Sverdlovsk Regional Investigations Directorate has launched a probe into the death of a child under Part 2 of Article 109 of the Criminal Code of Russia (infliction of death by negligence as a result of improper performance of professional duties by a person).

It was previously reported that the child attended a private kindergarten institution on Molodezhi Street in Yekaterinburg. The boy came to the kindergarten on November 11 and 12; prior to that he had been absent due to an illness. By the end of the day on November 12, 2019, he got worse in the kindergarten and developed a fever. That evening, his mother took him home. Later, the ambulance was called for the minor, which delivered him to a hospital where he died within several hours.

According to the investigation, the death of the child could have been inflicted by an improper discharge of their duties by the workers of the kindergarten attended by the boy or by medical workers of the ambulance who provided primary health care to the boy in the evening of November 12 before he was hospitalized.

At present, investigators are carrying out a set of required investigative activities aimed to establish all circumstances of the tragedy; a number of forensic examinations have been arranged. A forensic examination is being carried out to establish the exact cause of the death of the child. Child’s relatives, kindergarten employees, and medical workers are subject to interrogation. The criminal investigation is ongoing under the supervision of the Central Office of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

20 November 2019 14:53

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