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Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructs to supervise the process and results of pre-investigative probes launched into materials reported by federal TV channels

Today a federal TV channel reported about children from a rural settlement in Yekaterinburg that have to walk to school for several kilometers along a highway which was not safe. The children’s parents submitted a request to organize a transit of children to the educational institution by bus, especially since such practice existed in neighboring settlements. However, it is not possible without a normal quality road and municipal authorities refuse to build it since, according to documents, the settlement lands are is categorized as agricultural. The Sverdlovsk Regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia immediately launched a preliminary inquiry into the fact of the children’s rights violation.

Journalists of another federal TV channel reported that a family with many children eligible for housing improvement according to the law was provided with a two-bedroom apartment in a remote district purchased with budgetary money in Novocherkassk, Rostov Region. However, in fact, the provided housing is unfit for living, especially with children: it lacks an elevator, and its roof, walls, and electrical wiring need renovation. The journalists note that representatives of the city administration purchased those square meters “with their eyes shut” and found out about their unsuitability for living only after the family demanded explanations. The Rostov Regional Investigations Directorate immediately launched a pre-investigative probe into violation of the housing rights of the large family.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed the Heads of the Rostov and Sverdlovsk Regional Investigation Directorates to thoroughly examine all arguments reported by the journalists during the probes and to give a legal assessment to the actions (inaction) of authorities that could have caused to the violations of the rights of the citizens. Alexander Bastrykin instructed the Central Office to supervise the results of the pre-investigative probes.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko

26 November 2019 14:37

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