Investigative Committee of Russia launches campaign “Say Yes to the Dream!”

New Year is one of the most-awaited and favorite holidays for many adults and children. Lots of children associate New Year Eve with presents and all of them genuinely believe and look forward to the fulfillment of their deepest wishes.

In the days prior to the New Year, the Investigative Committee of Russia launches the campaign “Say Yes to the Dream!” Officers of the Investigative Committee will try to fulfill the dreams of children who have committed selfless actions and of children in need of special care and attention in order for faith in magic to live long in the children’s hearts and their kindness and responsiveness to remain an example for surrounding people.

One of the first participants of the campaign has been Yegor Petrov--together with his father and his uncle he helped his fellow villagers during a severe flood that occurred this summer in Irkutsk Region. The deed of the young man deserves genuine respect. In order to find out what Yegor asked for the Investigative Committee officers, see the report on the official channel of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

03 December 2019 14:21

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