Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia gives a number of instructions regarding mass media reports about accidents and violations and instructs to supervise a number of procedural probes and criminal inquiries

Today a federal channel discussed situation in a large family of Kolchevs bringing up 24 children. In June 2019 the family moved to Voskresensk Municipality in Moscow Region from Kemerovo Region. The problem occurred during registering of adopted children in guardianship authorities. The guardians submitted copies of all documents. Upon review the guardianship authorities had doubts in authenticity of some of the copies and requested original documents. They revealed illegal activities of Kemerovo Regional guardianship authorities that upon request of the guardians, having no judicial power to do so, made and signed on their behalf several permissions for use of money belonging to the adopted children. Into this matter the Kemerovo Regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia is investigating a probe into a 48-year-old worker of guardianship sector of one of municipal districts, suspected of committing offences under Article 288 (acquisition of an office-bearer's powers) and Part 2 of Article 292 of the Criminal Code of Russia (official forgery). Apart from that the woman claims that in August 2019 the Moscow Regional guardianship authorities denounced a foster family contract with her. Alexander Bastrykin instructed the direction of the Moscow Regional Main Investigations Directorate to assess actions (inaction) of Moscow Regional guardianship authorities. Heads of Moscow and Kemerovo Investigations Directorates were instructed to organize interaction of investigators and study all arguments provided in the report.

Also federal channel journalists reported that citizens of one of Penza districts complain about dangerous section of a road on a slope near their houses. Numerous traffic accidents occur when the weather gets cold and the road surface is covered with ice. The situation repeats from year to year but doesn't worry neither the administration workers nor road services. Alexander Bastrykin instructed the Head of Penza Regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia to organize a procedural probe including assessment of actions (inaction) of persons responsible for road condition.

Apart from that, journalists tell about a 19-year-old girl from Irkutsk. The girl was born without left arm, however, she stays positive and leads an active lifestyle. She has mastered a profession of tattoo master and is now saving money for her dream - advanced bionic prosthetic. Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed the Head of Irkutsk Regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia to consider facilitating the purchase of the medical device.  

Also journalists of a federal channel reported about a 16-year-old teenager from Ilsky settlement of Seversky District of Krasnodar Region having a serious disease. The boy likes creativity of a journalist who hosts a program on crime solving. Apart from that, parents of the boy report that he had undergone a surgery and is now in need of rehabilitation and special exercise equipment to practice at home. Alexander Bastrykin instructed the Head of Krasnodar Regional Investigations Directorate to provide required legal assistance to the boy's family and to check whether the family has been provided with all relevant social benefits and whether the teenager's rights have been violated.

Apart from that, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed the Heads of area-based directorates of the Investigative Committee of Russia over Irkutsk, Saratov, Moscow, Sakhalin, Omsk Regions and Moscow city to thoroughly examine all arguments of the journalists provided in reports on accidents in the above listed regions within the framework of pre-investigation probes and criminal inquiries. Fulfillment of all instructions of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia will be supervised by the Central Office of the Committee.

Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko

06 December 2019 17:33

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