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Memory of young heroes and officers killed in the line of duty was honored in the Investigative Committee of Russia

On December 9, 2019, Russia celebrates a significant date, Motherland Heroes Day. On this day, we pay a tribute to the bravery, dedication, patriotic merits of people who extended concern and valor once again.

Today we honor the memory of our young heroes who gave their lives saving a fellowman. These are Zhenya Tabakov who protected his sister from burglars, Andrey Kasimov who rushed to save his sister from a rapist, Danil Sadykov who saved a child fallen to fountain at the price of his life. On the very same day the year before we lost Vanya Krapivin who stood up for his mother and was injured severely by the criminal. Unfortunately, this list enlarged this year.

By the Order of the President of the Russian Federation, Alexey Martynenko who participated in saving children from a fire in the Kholdomi camp in July 2019 has been awarded the Order of Courage posthumously. Alexey himself received heavy burns, and the doctors could not have saved his life. Alexey Martynenko was a fifth-grade student of Lyceum No. 1 of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. According to his teachers and classmates, he was a smart and disciplined boy and they were shocked by his death. Still, those who have known him are proud of his deed. According to witnesses, Alexey’s tent was next to the one that caught fire that night. He got out of his tent and could have escaped easily, but stayed to help the caretakers to save the rest of the children, he did his best to avoid panic, which in moments of emergency could lead to even more tragic consequences. Alexey’s worthy deed deserves the highest moral praise. Kids like him are an example for the future generation, true patriots, who care, who can lend a helping hand in difficult moments. The memory of his feat will live forever.

Svyatoslav Yushkov from the Republic of Karelia passed away tragically. The kid tried to save his grandfather but died himself. The tragedy took place on August 30 when the grandfather lost consciousness while firing up the furnace in a bath sauna. His clothes caught fire quickly. Svyatoslav tried to save the grandfather, to pull him out but he appeared to be captured by fire and suffered burns of 90% of his body. Officers of the Karelia Republican Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee took the family of the passed six-year-old hero under their patronage. He was awarded the Valor and Courage medal of the Investigative Committee of Russia posthumously.

We also pay homage to other children who have done heroic deeds. For instance, on April 5, 2019, 14-year-old resident of Severodvinsk Alexander Kuklin stood up for a previously unknown woman on the street and protected her from a drunken armed robber. It is a coincidence, but Sasha Kuklin, who was presented by the authorities of the Investigative Committee of Russia for awarding the Badge and he Symbol of “Valor Heart”, was personally acquainted with Ivan Krapivin and speaks of him as a very good and amiable young man.

In Irkutsk Region, 16-year-old schoolboy Slava Doroshenko rescued a 9-year-old girl, whom a perpetrator forcibly put in a car and tried to take away to commit a crime. The boy quickly made a decision and called for the help of adults and with them detained the perpetrator.

Alexander Bastrykin, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, instructed to present a resident of Chelyabinsk Region, 6th-grade student Elizaveta Maslakova, the medal of the Investigative Committee “Valor and Courage” for saving a 2-year-old girl. On May 7, 2019, Lisa, passing on a highway bridge under which railroad tracks pass, heard a baby cry. The schoolgirl saw a little girl walking along the railway tracks of the Satka station of the South Ural Railway and a freight train approaching her at high speed. Afraid that the child might get hurt, Lisa quickly came down the hillside, grabbed the girl in her arms and fled to a safe distance. After saving the child, seeing that the girl could not say her name and place of residence due to her infant age, Lisa took measures to find the friends and parents of the young child.

Today, we must mention the names of our colleagues and comrades. Since the establishment of the Investigative Committee of Russia, 13 of our officers have been killed by perpetrators. These are the officers who sacrificed their lives for their integrity and honesty: Nazim Kaziakhmedov, Dmitry Marininov, Seyfudin Kaziakhmedov, Gamzat Musaev, Sergey Vasyukovich, Anna Davydenko, Gadzhi Alibegov, Arsen Hajibeyov, Kantemir Kyarov, Alim Vorokov, Konstantin Glushko, Ramazan Ramazanov. It’s painful to say that this year we have lost our colleague Vladislav Kapustin. His life was cut short on October 1, 2019, in the line of duty as a result of a targeted attack.

Our comrades stayed loyal to their oath to the very end and did not waver or retreat in the most critical moments. Their names are forever in the Book of Memory of the Investigative Committee. The families of the deceased are given all the help they need.

We will always remember our comrades-in-arms and, of course, children who will never be able to please this world with their smiles. May they always serve as an example to us and to future generations.

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