In the Komi Republic, two residents of Pechorsky District sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of local citizen and his grandsons

The evidence gathered by the Komi Republican Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia has been found by the court to be sufficient to sentence previously convicted 38-year-old Pechorsky District citizen and his 37-year-old acquaintance. They have been found guilty of the murder of two or more persons including a minor, committed by a group of persons under a preliminary conspiracy in order to conceal another offense (Paragraphs A, C, G, J of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of Russia), as well as an illegal intrusion into a home (Part 1 of Article 139 of the Criminal Code of Russia). Apart from that, the 38-year-old accused man has been found guilty of committing sexual violence against a minor (Paragraph B of Part 4 of Article 132 of the Criminal Code of Russia), and the 37-year-old accused man of threat of killing (Part 1 of Article 119 of the Criminal Code of Russia) and two episodes of theft (Article 158 of the Criminal Code of Russia).

The investigation and the court established that, in October 2018, the perpetrators had had a conflict with a partner of one of them in the Kozhva settlement of Pechorsky District. The woman’s 14-year son had witnessed the incident and tried to protect his mother. The perpetrators had murdered him and a 12-year-old daughter of the woman who had returned home for her school backpack. Apart from that, the girl had been sexually abused. Further on, the perpetrators had lured inside a 54-year-old man who was waiting for his grandchildren outside and inflicted numerous blows on his head with a wrench and an ax. Following that, the perpetrators had moved the bodies and taken a number of other measures to confuse the investigation. In addition, the 37-year-old man had stolen mobile phones from the victims and used the phone of the murdered man to transfer money to his account from the victim’s one.

Having committed the offenses, the perpetrators had fled and, as it was established, illegally intruded the home of the woman to steal the property for over 6,000 rubles. Law enforcement officers organized large-scale search activities and the perpetrators were quickly detained.

The investigation included a significant amount of investigative and procedural actions to seize and register the crime traces and prove the evidence. The conducted work enabled investigators to reconstruct the entire scene of the crime, determine the roles of each of the perpetrators in the offenses, and press the final charges against them.

The court sentenced the accused to life imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

09 December 2019 15:31

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