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Alexander Bastrykin speaks at the “Modern State in the Age of Global Transformations” international conference

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin took part in the international conference “Modern State in the Age of Global Transformations” organized by the Association of Lawyers of Black Sea--Caspian Sea Countries. The event was also attended by leading scientists and acting lawyers, including representatives of major Russian universities, the judicial system, and foreign legal scholars.

Alexander Bastrykin greeted the audience and noted the significance of such events that helped to consolidate the opinions of scholars and lawyers regarding further development of law and its adaptation to modern circumstances. Along with that, he reminded that the anniversary of the Victory against fascism would be celebrated the next year. The painful experience of that war had made everyone take a fresh look at the challenges faced by mankind and understand that each and everyone was in charge of the present and future.

The successful experience of countering aggression and terror of World War II is still relevant today. The genuine lessons of the War should not be forgotten in the current stage of globalization. Encouraging people to remember about historical truth and human feat during the war years, Alexander Bastrykin awarded commemorative medals of the Investigative Committee of Russia “75 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War” to Chairman of the Association--Merited Lawyer of the Republic of Azerbaijan--Professor Ilgam Ragimov and several other conference participants, including those representing foreign countries.

During the meeting, Alexander Bastrykin told about the complex work of the Investigative Committee of Russia aimed at the development and strengthening of cooperation in the area of criminal proceedings. He noted that modern challenges required new approaches. Today an important task is to organize combating transnational crime. It can be explained by the fact that, in the circumstances of globalization that facilitates freedom of movement, economic and cultural integration, new achievements in digital technologies, and general development of the civilization, the crime, including transnational crime, is also subject to change.

The Investigative Committee of Russia is a member of working groups on the implementation of a number of international anti-corruption conventions by the Russian Federation. The Committee has also accumulated positive experience and practice of direct interaction on legal aid issues between the Investigative Committee of Russia and relevant authorities of foreign countries--members of the Convention on Legal Aid and Legal Relations on Civil, Family and Criminal Cases of January 22, 1993, and the relevant Protocol of March 28, 1997. As competent authority, the Investigative Committee of Russia is empowered to cooperate internationally on issues of law enforcement assistance under over 60 interstate and intergovernmental multilateral and bilateral international treaties of the Russian Federation in the area of combating crime.

The parties also mentioned problems of combating extremism and terrorism, a complex solution of which required coordination of joint efforts for suppressing recruitment activities of terrorist organizations and eliminating the resource and financial support of gangs.

The importance of securing national culture, moral values, and truthful history along with the development of law as a foundation for the future was also emphasized.

Alexander Bastrykin expressed his gratitude to organizers of the conference and wished all the participants professional success.

12 December 2019 16:31

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