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In Saint Petersburg, Deputy of Leningrad Regional Legislative Assembly suspected of swindling detained

The Saint Petersburg Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia continues the criminal investigation under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of Russia (swindling).

According to investigative data, Oleg Koval, holding the position of Deputy Director General for capital construction and investment of Gazprom Gas Distribution OJSC, had conspired with Elena Makhanek, the actual Head of PSG Block-Monolit LLC, and Alexander Shulga, the Director General of Mezhregionstroy LLC (hereinafter referred to as Contractor), for embezzlement of money belonging to Gazprom Gas Distribution OJSC (hereinafter referred to as Customer)--the Gazprom PJSC subsidiary.

On December 16, 2013, on behalf of the Customer, Koval had concluded two contracting agreements with Shulga for a total value of 70 million rubles for the construction and mounting of gas system objects in Vologda Region.

In this, Koval, Shulga, and Makhanek had misled the Customer management about the intent of the Contractor to fulfill the works in time and to the full.

Having received the advance payment for the works to the Contractor account, Shulga and Makhanek had concluded sub-contracts with PSG Block-Monolit LLC and VPK-Svyaz LLC. However, only VPK-Svyaz LLC had been directly engaged in the construction, having signed relevant contracts with PSG Block-Monolit LLC and Mezhregionstroy LLC. Shulga and Makhanek had misled the management of VPK-Svyaz LLC into thinking that they had intended to pay for the works in time and to the full.

Since November 2014, VPK-Svyaz LLC had ceased the works due to non-payment, while the Contractor had had a real possibility to fulfill the works. From December 2013 to April 2015, Makhanek in the name of the Contractor had been submitting to the Customer forged documents on costs of fulfilled works and work acceptance certificates signed by Shulga, on allegedly fulfilled works of the total value of over 53 million rubles. Koval, according to the role assigned to him in the offense, had ensured commissioning the allegedly fulfilled works.

Therefore, over 53 million rubles had been transferred to the Contractor’s account from December 2013 to April 2015.

Later, a part of the designated amount of money had been, upon Koval’s instruction, transferred to the accounts of legal entities controlled by Makhanek and Shulga.

Therefore, the actions of the accomplices had inflicted on Gazprom Gas Distribution OJSC--the Gazprom PJSC subsidiary--the damage of at least 21 million rubles.

On December 17, 2019, Makhanek, being a Deputy of the Leningrad Regional Legislative Assembly, has been detained as a suspect by investigators and officers of the Regional Directorate of the Federal Security Service; a preventive measure for her is being decided upon.

Previously, Shulga and Koval were brought to criminal responsibility and subjected to travel restrictions.

At present, investigators are carrying out activities aimed to verify the information about other similar offenses committed by the accomplices. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

17 December 2019 14:05

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