Officers of Chelyabinsk Regional Investigations Directorate congratulate on the upcoming New Year children from large family in challenging life situation due to fire destroying their house

On the night of November 26, 2019, a fire destroyed a residential building in the Vydrino settlement of the Uisky Municipal District of Chelyabinsk Region inhabited by Alexander Glukhmanov and eight his children, two of whom are disabled. Alexander and the older children managed to lead the little ones out of the burning house. However, the fire destroyed property, household assets, and family documents.

The neighbors, relatives, and District Administration officials did not leave the Glukhmanov family alone in this challenging situation. They were provided with housing, food, and necessities. Citizens of Chelyabinsk Region and other regions of the country took part in a campaign called “No Trouble Is Someone Else’s” and transferred money for the family; Alexander used this money to buy sand-lime bricks for a new house. The District Administration helped to get concrete bricks for foundation. Entrepreneurs have already manufactured windows and doors.

Officers of the Investigations Directorate have also decided to help the large family. They have brought a Christmas tree and presents for the children and wished them happy holidays and fulfillment of their wishes.

Alexander Glukhmanov was offered legal aid to restore the destroyed documents and register the house he is planning to start building in the spring.

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23 December 2019 15:10

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