On progress of investigation into establishment of criminal community in Krasnodar Territory

The Krasnodar Regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia is investigating a criminal case into leaders and members of the Regional Public Organization E.N.O.T. accused of offenses under Paragraphs A, B of Part 4 of Article 158; Paragraphs A, B of Part 4 of Article 162; Paragraph A of Part 3 of Article 210; Part 3 of Article 209 of the Criminal Code of Russia.

The investigation received criminal intelligence materials containing information that items, documents, and data storage devices proving the illegal activities of the designated persons might be at the place of residence of Novaya Gazeta special reporter Yulia Martovalieva (Polukhina).

In order to verify the operative information, today investigators carried out a search in Yulia Martovalieva’s home in Moscow under the relevant court decision.

The two minor children living together with Yulia Martovalieva were driven to the school by their father in the morning.

At the moment, investigators are finishing questioning Martovalieva, following which she will be released.