In Chelyabinsk Region, a former regional first deputy minister of economic development and former deputy to stand trial for embezzlement of public funds

The Chelyabinsk Regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation finished investigation of a probe into former Chelyabinsk Regional first deputy minister of economic development Anton Bahaev and former deputy of deputy council of the Central district of the regional centre, director of Elephant group Mikhail Smirnov. Depending on the role of each they are charged with committing of offenses under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of Russia (swindling), Part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of Russia (bribery), Part 5 of Article 291 of the Criminal Code of Russia (bribe-giving).

According to investigative data, in 2017 the accused embezzled over 33 million rubles of Chelyabinsk regional budgetary funds allocated to host the XIV Russia-Kazakhstan Interregional Cooperation Forum in Chelyabinsk. Moreover, in 2018 Smirnov handed over to Bahaev a bribe of 2.9 million roubles to ensure contracting Elephant-Format for preparing and hosting the Forum at inflated prices.

The offences were detected by officers of the Chelyabinsk Regional Directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia who provided operative support for the probe.

During investigation the property of the accused was arrested to ensure compensation for the inflicted damage.

The investigation gathered enough evidence, therefore, the criminal case with the approved indictment was sent to the court.

Previously the investigation sent to the court a separate probe into former head of Chelyabinsk Regional International Cooperation Agency Olga Alennikova who pleaded guilty in committing of an offence under Part 1 of Article 201 of the Criminal Code of Russia (abuse of authority). Upon a court decision the probe was closed, Alennikova was subject to a criminal law measure of a court fine of 20 000 rubles.