In Moscow Region, an organizer of a private hospice, where 12 pensioners died in a fire, to stand trial

Investigators of Directorate I on Major Crimes Investigation of the Moscow Regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia finished investigation of a probe into organizer of private hospice in Krasnogorsk. He is accused of committing an offence under Part 3 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code of Russia (rendering of services that do not meet safety standards entailing by negligence death of two or more persons).


According to investigative data, in March 2019 a Moscow citizen rented an individual residential building in Opalikha district of Krasnogorsk municipality of Moscow Region in order to engage in entrepreneurial activity. From that moment he started his entrepreneurship of rendering complex commercial social services including round-the-clock accommodation of senior persons in the rented house and patronage services.


In order to implement the plan he placed advertisements on the Internet, hired personnel and nurses without signing work contracts with them. The accused intentionally breached the rent contract for the cottage and redesigned the house without permission of it's owner. In order to accommodate bigger number of residents and make profit he built additional stationary partition walls, installed additional electric lamps and sockets. In that the accused didn't equip the premises with fire alarm system, didn't install evacuation alert and management systems and allowed to clutter up emergency exits. While knowing about the violations he signed contracts with relatives of senior persons, having concluded at least 29 standard contracts for reimbursable services.


As a result, during the night of May 10, 2020 the private hospice caught fire. 9 persons died on site of carbon monoxide poisoning, 3 other died of burns in a hospital.


Investigator of the probe performed a significant volume of work: several crime scene investigation with forensic support, around 50 questionings, several searches, 17 forensic, 2 fire-technical and 2 handwriting examinations. During questioning the accused fully confessed and compensated material damage and funeral expenses to the victims. Evidence and examination reports provided a basis for indictment. In the nearest future, the criminal case with the approved indictment will be sent to the court to be tried on the merits.

22 April 2021 14:05

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