Alexander Bastrykin gives a number of instructions to regional investigative departments

In response to a request of father of the boy who died at saving drowning children in Chelyabisk Region about installation of a memorial on the burial site, Alexander Bastrykin instructed the direction of the Regional Investigative Department to cooperate with regional authorities to consider and resolve this issue. To remind, in 2019 the deceased Dima Novoselov was awarded a Committee medal "Valor and Courage" post-mortem.

Alexander Bastrykin also instructed the direction of Chelyabinsk Regional Investigative Department to report on the progress of investigation of a probe into an offence about sexual integrity of an 8-year-old girl. The Chelyabinsk Regional Investigative Department charged a 52-year-old local citizen with committing of offence under Paragraph B of Part 4 of Article 132 of the Criminal Code of Russia (violent sexual actions against a person under age of 14). According to investigation, on April 27 in an entrance hall of a house of the regional centre the accused, being under influence of alcohol, committed an offence against sexual integrity of an 8-year-old girl. The offence was intercepted by a local citizen who entered the hallway and shouted at the perpetrator. The accused hit the woman several times and ran out of the hallway to be detained by witnesses. Investigator of the Investigative Committee addressed the court with a motion to take the accused individual into custody.

Apart from that, Alexander Bastrykin requested to report on progress of investigation of a probe into a 34-year-old Volgograd resident accused of sexual offence against his stepdaughter. Recently relatives of the victim criticized investigation of the probe in mass media and expressed concerns about objectivity of decisions made by the Volgograd Regional Investigative Department.

28 April 2021 17:37

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