One of participants of Taganskaya organized criminal group sentenced

Evidence collected by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation was found by court to be sufficient to sentence Yury Malinovsky who had signed an immunity agreement pre-trial. He was found guilty of committing offenses under Article 209 (banditry), Article 210 (participation in a criminal community), Article 105 (murder), Article 126 (kidnapping), Article 163 (extortion), Article 161 (robbery), Article 222 (illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation, or bearing of firearms, their spare parts and ammunition), Article 222.1 (illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation, or bearing of explosives or explosive devices), Articles 223 and 223.1 (illegal manufacturing of explosives and firearms) of the Criminal Code of Russia.

It was established that not later than in 1991 Igor Zhirnokleev, Alexander Graber, who died in 1994, and Igor Shilov, who died in 1999, organized Taganskie stable armed group (gang) in order to attack citizens, take over organizations and commit murders. Later, during the period from the end of 2002 to beginning of 2003 Zhirnokleev, already with Grigory Rabinovich, formed on its basis another criminal community in order to commit similar offences. Yury Malinovsky wasa member of this community.

As established by investigation and the court, Malinovsky was involved in committing of grave and especially grave offenses. Thus, due to a conflict situation in the gang, Malinovsky took part in organization of a murder of its member Sergey Skornyakov. Apart from that, out of revenge for murder of his gang "comrade" Malinovsky took part in a murder of a member of another gang Vladimir Roschin. It was established that Malinovsky was involved in kidnapping and murder of a businessman from Yaroslavl Region Alexey Pokrovsky, and in murder of Rospischeprom JSC Director Valery Zhuravlev who tried to prevent stealing ownership rights for a building in Tverskoy-Yamskoy alley, 1, that belonged to the enterprise. When the gang leaders found out that Zhuravlev was aware of their plans and was going to report to law enforcement bodies about swindling activities with transferring ownership rights for the building, they decided to kill him. In order to fulfill their plan the gang participants engaged 7 members of Taganskie gang, including Malinovsky, and distributed roles in the offense among them. They used the same scheme to commit a murder of Univermag Moskva CGSC lawyer Andrey Bralyuk who was trying to return ownership of the department store building expropriated by the gang.

In all the above listed episodes Malinovsky carried out covert surveillance of his victims, decided on places for their murder, gave tips to his accomplices including coordination of killer's work, prepared escape routs for the killer after committing of the offense. Malinovsky engaged about 7 persons in organizational work. Part of them has been identified and subject to investigation.
The investigation carried out searches at Malinovsky's residence and seized technical equipment including drones with video cameras, radio stations and other material evidence, scheduled and carried out comprehensive forensic examinations.

The court sentenced Malinovsky to 14 years of imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony and a fine of 1,5 million rubles.

Investigation into other gang members continues.

30 April 2021 17:46

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