"My May 9" - new project of the Investigative Committee of Russia

"My May 9" is a new project of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Its heroes share their memories about May 9, 1945

The great war for the Homeland united the multimillion nation. And the Victory over the Hitlerites became a great happiness for the whole world. Everyone remembers this day in his own way. The story of great love between Galina and Nickolay Kizenkovs, the Great Patriotic War veterans who went through battles with enemies, survived, persevered, and finally met each other in Leningrad to marry on the Victory Day of 1945 is a start of our "My May 9" project, which will include many other stories about people and their memories of this distant date that means so much for all of us.

Each hero will share his memories about the Day of the Great Victory over the German fascist army. About the way this tide of joy through tears covered the multimillion nation unbroken by the enemy.

Episodes of the project will be available on the Sledcom TV official channel and official accounts of the Committee in social networks

Official video