In Chelyabinsk Region, installation of Dmitry Novoselov memorial is being organized upon instruction of Alexander Bastrykin

Upon instruction of the Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia the direction of Chelyabinsk Regional Investigative Department in collaboration with regional administration has organized works on installation of a memorial to memorialize the heroic deed of Dmitry Novoselov. Working meetings with the boy's father and the First Vice-Governor of Chelyabinsk Region have been carried out to hand over project documentation of the memorial and decide upon construction funding. Also, the organizers have scheduled a briefing to agree upon stages and timelines of the memorial construction.

On May 24, 2019 two 10-year-old boy fell in the water while playing on a bank of a flooded quarry near Kopeisk and started drowning. Their cries for help were heard by 13-year-old Dmitry Novoselov, a pupil of school No. 48 and Young Army participant, who was riding his bike nearby. Dima jumped into the water and saved the children at the cost of his own life. Upon Presidential Decree Dmitry Novoselov was awarded a medal of the Investigative Committee of Russia "Valor and courage" post-mortem.