Alexander Bastrykin congratulated resident of besieged Leningrad Anna Egorova on the upcoming Victory Day

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin, his deputy Alexander Klaus, director of the Girl's Boarding School of the Investigative Committee of Russia Elena Garanina, head of the Cultural Centre of the Investigative Committee of Russia Maria Krasnopeeva and head of Admiralteisky District Administration of St. Petersburg Sergey Overchuk visited resident of besieged Leningrad Anna Egorova who turned 100 in last October.

Anna Pavlovna was born on October 20, 1920 in Krasnoyarsk Territory, her family and her moved to Leningrad in 1921. After graduating from school she entered Leningrad Institute of Culture and Art, on the second year she transferred to Russian language and literature department of Pokrovsky Leningrad Pedagogical Institute. During the siege Anna Pavlovna didn't leave her hometown and worked in a hospital as a nurse's aide. During bombings she went on roofs of buildings to protect them from fire-bombs that German planes dropped on Leningrad buildings. In peaceful time Anna Pavlovna devoted herself to teaching. She had worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature, and then as a deputy director of Nevsky district school for over 40 years. Anna Pavlovna has a granddaughter and two great-grandsons - one is a pupil, the other attends a law school. She is a labour veteran, her numerous awards include breastplate "To the Resident of Besieged Leningrad".

Despite her senior age, Anna Pavlovna is spiritually strong, she always welcomes guests and is willing to share her memories about besieged Leningrad and her working life. Anna Pavlovna told the officers about things she remembers the most about the hard war years and about hardships of rebuilding the city from ruins, noting unity and cohesion of citizens,

Alexander Bastrykin awarded Anna Pavlovna with commemorative medals of the Investigative Committee of Russia "75th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War" and "10th Anniversary of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation". The Head of the Committee also presented to the veteran flowers and gifts and sincerely wished the woman strong health, welfare, happiness and peaceful sky above her head. He underlined that her courage, commitment, bravery and optimism make an example for the youth.

Anna Pavlovna cordially thanked the guests for attention and presents and wished the Committee officers good health, happy days and good news, and recited a poem of great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.




07 May 2021 14:52

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