Victory Day address of Alexander Bastrykin

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War and veterans of investigation!

Dear colleagues, officers of the Investigative Committee and departmental educational organisations, cadets and students!

Dear friends and comrades!


From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on the great holiday - Day of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War!

76 years ago our fathers and grandfathers defeated Hitler's Germany and its satellites, saved the Fatherland and liberated the countries of Europe from the Nazis.

As we rejoice in peace, each of us remembers the soldiers of the Red Army, partisans and home front workers with gratitude for the peaceful sky stretching above our heads.  We honour all those who brought the long-awaited victory closer and bow our heads in mourning to the defenders who did not live up to the victorious artillery salute.  We cannot hold back tears, recalling Babi Yar and Khatyn, Dachau and Auschwitz, the Siege of Leningrad and other atrocities of the Wehrmacht. We must make every effort to ensure that something like this never happens again.

Immediately after the end of the war that was imposed on the world, the Nuremberg Trial, called the Peoples' Court of Justice, clearly set out the criminal nature of the aggression and the personal responsibility of the leaders of Nazi Germany for international crimes.

And today we cannot tolerate the attempts by certain countries to rewrite history, belittling the feat of the Soviet people and questioning the decisive contribution of the Soviet Union to the Victory over Nazi Germany and its allies.

On the basis of our legal right, we will continue to respond to any attempts to rehabilitate Nazism and to desecrate the memory and symbols of Russia's military glory.  It is our duty to defend the good name of the living and fallen soldiers-liberators and civilian victims of the Nazis, and to stand firmly for truth and justice, because falsified history is a real threat to the stability of international relations. That is why it is so important to pass on the torch of memory to the young people.  Our children, the future of the country, must know firmly who defeated Nazism.   

 Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War and veterans of investigation!

On this day that is so important for the whole country and the world, I address you with the words of great gratitude and appreciation!

Remaining a part of combat formation, you take an active part in patriotic education events organized by the Investigative Committee, you pass moral values and share living experience and professional secrets with acting and future investigators. We look up to you, giving all our energies to serve the good and justice, to combat crime and to strengthen the rule of law.

You - the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and investigation veterans - are a clear example of courage and love to the Fatherland for all officers of the Investigative Committee of Russia!  I am expressing my sincere gratitude for your battle exploits and labour feats, foe your active participation in education of the young generation and selfless assistance to our young officers! 

Unfortunately, this year we celebrated the May 9 without our senior comrade Alexander Yakovlevich Sukharev. He bravely defended the Homeland on battlefields and made an enormous contribution to restoration of the country, devastated by the war, to the level of a global super-power, and loyally served the law. He is our teacher, a legend, and we will protect the memory of him. We will always remember about those who are no longer with us, who stayed loyal to their oaths to their last days and became permanently inscribed in the glorious history of the Victory.

I am sure that our society is united in the aspiration to see Russia as a strong and prosperous country! Any aggressive manoeuvres against our Fatherland will always be decently opposed!

The future of Russia will be peaceful and happy!

Deep bow to the victorious people!

Congratulations! Happy Day of the Great Victory!

09 May 2021

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