Alexander Bastrykin holds a briefing

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin held a video-conference briefing to listen to reports of heads of regional investigative departments on a number of high-profile incidents that occurred during the first decade of May.

At first Alexander Bastrykin listened to a report of direction of Tatarstan Republican Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia on first results of investigation of a probe into attack on educational institution in Kazan. Alexander Bastrykin gave a number of instructions.

Proceeding to the agenda, Alexander Bastrykin listened to reports on fulfillment of previously given instructions over incidents in a number of regions and paid attention to a number of other emergencies.

Attention of the head of the Committee was also drawn to several incidents in St. Petersburg. In particular, he once again listened to information on progress of investigation of a probe into beating of a pediatrician in a city hospital. A probe into hooliganism is being investigated upon this fact, a suspect has been arrested and subject to house detention. Alexander Bastrykin instructed to motion the court again on changing the preventive measure for placement of him into custody. After that Alexander Bastrykin listened to reports on investigation of probes into crimes against children: attack against a girl with stabbing and torture of a 7-year-old girl found in a city café with her minor brother. In terms of a probe into torture the investigative bodies have identified a family, from which the eldest daughter had already been removed.  At present the younger children are in a hospital, parents of the children have been detained, the preventive measure and charges against them are being decided upon. The guardianship authorities that allowed presence of the children in socially dangerous conditions are subject to assessment. The progress of investigation and assessments into the said incidents are supervised by the Central Office of the Committee.

Discussing incidents connected with stray dogs attacking children in Orenburg and Murmansk Regions, the Chairman instructed to provide help to the injured children and to examine the way authorised authorities resolve animal control issues in their regions.

After that Alexander Bastrykin listened to reports on incidents related to fires. A mother and two children died in a fire in Saratov Region. The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia was dissatisfied by the progress of investigation. The causes of children living in socially dangerous conditions have been understudied. He instructed to launch a probe into abandoning to danger against a relative of the children who at the moment of the fire was drinking alcohol in the house with the mother of the children. After ignition the man left the house without providing assistance to the dying. Another issue was related to fires in an Omsk rural settlement where houses have burnt down. Alexander Bastrykin requested investigation to assess the role and actions of fire inspection.

Apart from that, the direction of the Volgograd Regional Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia, in addition to previously presented report, disclosed new results of investigation into death of two citizens including a teenager of an explosion of a war-time shell. Documents on safety briefing have been seized, participants of search movement that organized the excavation have been questioned. He ordered to prepare an address to relative authorities with a request to pay attention to risks at such patriotic events and their prevention.

In Zabaikalsky Region investigative bodies continue investigation of a probe into disappearance of a Great Patriotic War veteran in 1997. Alexander Bastrykin reminded about the necessity to establish causes of refusal to launch a probe into disappearance of a person in these years and listened to available results of preliminary investigation.

A number of incidents that occurred during holidays and drew attention of the head of the Committee were related to injuring of children at falling into open manholes and pits and falling of football goals on them (Sakhalin, Rostov Regions, Tatarstan Republic). In this relation Alexander Bastrykin instructed to thoroughly examine performance of management companies and contractor organizations.

Investigative bodies in Moscow and in Kaliningrad Region are establishing circumstances of beating of children, Thus, in Moscow a 12-year-old boy was admitted to a hospital after being hit by his stepfather. The investigation launched a probe under Article 117 of the Criminal Code of Russia (torture) and motioned the court to put the perpetrator into custody, however an interdistrict prosecutor didn't support the motion and the court rejected it. The decision has been challenged in a higher court. In Kalinigrad Region, a beaten year-old boy was found in a hallway of a residential building. Investigation launched a probe into his mother who had been previously twice deprived of parental right for her other children. The Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia remained dissatisfied by the performance of his subordinates that failed to give assessment to guardianship authorities. He instructed to launch a probe into neglect of duty and arrange an official assessment into officers of the investigative department.

After that the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia listened to a report on the progress of investigation of a probe in Rostov Region, where orphaned children were provided with substandard housing. The Head of the Investigative Committee noted that the problem with the said house occurred several years ago, but the subordinates paid their attention to this situation only in April. He requested regional statistics on procurement of housing for orphaned children and ordered to examine the volume of utilization of funds. In Tula Region investigative bodies are helping a family with a seriously ill child to get housing. In Udmurt Republic the investigative bodies are providing assistance to a family with children being evicted from a living space they moved in back in 90-s. Alexander Bastrykin instructed the Central Office of the Committee to supervise all said housing issues.

One more incident was related to death of a tourist in Kabardino-Balkar Republic at unsanctioned rock jumping attraction.  It was established that the illegal attraction was organized by three Moscow residents. Alexander Bastrykin instructed to examine the legal regulation of this type of entertainment in terms of the probe.

Alexander Bastrykin requested to provide reports on all the said incidents and to keep him regularly informed about progress of investigation and assessments. In conclusion of the briefing Alexander Bastrykin informed officers about a number of petitions to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia received from different regions of the Russian Federation.

Apart from that, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia listened to a report on epidemiological situation related to Covid-19.  It was noted that no outbreaks of disease have been detected among Investigative Committee officers over the holidays.



11 May 2021 19:17

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