Alexander Bastrykin instructs to study cases of aggressive riding of electric scooters entailing injuries of people

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin gave additional instructions over previously heard in St. Petersburg probe into two young man accused of committing an offense under Part 2 of Article 213 of the Criminal Code of Russia (hooliganism). According to investigation, in the evening of May 13, 2021 the accused were riding electric scooters on a sidewalk of Nevsky prospect at a significant speed when they collided with a pedestrian and fled the scene. After that around 2 AM of May 14, 2021 near a house in Nevsky prospect one of the accused collided with a local resident born in 1980 and inflicted him numerous hits and kicks out of hooliganism. The court has granted the investigative motion to place the accused into custody.

Alexander Bastrykin instructed to prepare informed recommendations for taking effective measures to reduce number of injuries in situations involving electric scooters and pedestrians in the city. The relevant letter is to be sent to the city governor along with a notion on necessity of prevention of such incidents to be sent to the Main Department of Interior Ministry of Russia over St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

It is to be noted that with warm weather the number of episodes of aggressive riding of electric scooters in major cities and regional centres of country entailing injuries of people increased. Thus, on May 10, 2021 in Karelia Republic a little girl that ran onto a sidewalk out of a parked car was knocked over by an electric scooter. As a result of the incident the child was injured. The Karelia Republican Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in carrying out a pre-investigative probe into this fact.

At present legislation of the Russian Federation lacks rules regulating electric scooter riding as well as operating rules and responsibility for violations and health damage inflicted to pedestrians. Such legislation gaps lead to creation of dangerous road situations involving electric scooters, and therefore to daily injuries and often impunity of those practising such aggressive riding.

In order to address the issue of existing legislation gaps Alexander Bastrykin also instructed to send a relative suggestion to the Government of the Russian Federation about necessity of regulation of electric scooter riding rules and determining of responsibility for violation of operation rules.